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Speed 2 -Cruise control?

Speed 2 -Cruise control?

Set out at 6.30 am with Sandra Bullock in tow (OK I temporarily renamed the dog) for my second Speed run.

It was still dark and I was a little worried about tripping, luckily there was just enough light to see the potholes in the track a couple of paces before I hit them, but I am going to have to start running with a headlamp and with "Sandra" wearing a "Close Encounters" disco collar light (grey Schnauzers are perfectly camouflaged against crepuscular farm tracks)

Doing the run for the second time I found keeping to the beat a lot easier and the first 4 165 bpm intervals felt effortless as my feet hardly seemed to touch the ground. However by the last 2 intervals I was having to make an effort to hit the beat and overall I found it harder to push on to complete my 5K than last time, but I think I recovered faster on the walk home.

I definitely think that there is a huge psychological effect of running to the speed podcast as yet again my warm up Lap was the fastest (PB of 9:27) and overall I managed 3 miles in under 30 minutes (29:50 another PB) as I carried on running after the end of the official podcast to do my 5K (and another PB of 30:53). While I'm boasting I might as well mention my 4th PB of fastest mile - 9:20 (sorry) and my average pace for the whole run was under 10 minutes (9:57) - so I am a very happy camper!

For those groaning bear in mind that I failed to do week 1 run 2 on my first attempt back in June.

I think this my favourite of the 3 podcasts, but I'm going to do a solo run next and then go through the podcasts a third time.

How naughty do you think it would be to do speed twice in 1 run? ie: rewind to the start of the podcast, have a 10 minute run to the warm ups and then do the intervals a second time?

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