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Week 4 Run 1 - Blimey that was hard!

Just got back from run 1 of week 4. Up until now I've found the runs OK - but crikey this run just about did me in!

Its a lovely day up here in the north of Scotland so I thought for a change I would run round some of the nearby forest trails. Big mistake - it really is A LOT harder work than on the road/pavement. Now I remember why I hated cross country so much at school!

So next time I will stick to pounding the pavements and my vibram barefoot running shoes which I prefer, and hopefully will get on a bit better.

On the plus side I didn't stop - I did get to the end of the podcast and my "sports" earphones from Lidl didn't fall out of my ears - RESULT!

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I seem to remember week 4 feeling the most difficult of all (even the subsequent ones). I'm not sure why. However you'll soon get past them and I think the next half of the programme is the most enjoyable. Sports earphones are indeed a joy, no more running along constantly trying to jam your earphones back in and messing up your running pace. I love mine (and my new extra 'sproingy' graduation trainers!!) Good luck :-)


Week 4 really was the most difficult for me. I'm currently having to rest up after completing week 5 last week and now have a tight piriformis muscles (literally, it's a pain in the bum!)

Good luck with the rest of week 4 :-)


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