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Week 7 Complete - I'm definitely getting slower!

It was so difficult getting out of bed this morning, but I've got a parents evening to attend tonight so knew I wouldn't feel like running afterwards. I think the first flush of running so well for 25 minutes has made me run too fast, must learn to pace myself better at the start of the run. Now that I can download to Nike+ I can see exactly what I'm doing in my runs and today was exceptionally bad. Far too fast for the first mile, which meant I seriously slowed down for the rest of the run, which isn't a bad thing but very irritating as I know I can do better. Also have to remember that the next run is 28 minutes so I need to last that little bit longer. Any ideas on how to curb my enthusiasm a bit more at the start of the run? A bit downhearted today then, but I am looking forward to week 8...... I think!!

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Eshaz, don't is my opinion our body is smarter then we are at times and will find just the perfect pace for it to get you through the longer runs. Of course this is coming from someone a turtle can race past! :-) As far as advice, over and over on this board I see the advice to start out must work because we have tons of Graduates. WELCOME TO WEEK 8! :-)


What's this I see above? A green graduate badge? :) Thanks for the uplift, I'll try harder not to be in such a rush when I start!!


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