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Week 2 the rain! ...Home but can't warm my legs up!

Having completed Week 2 R 3 this evening am feeling mighty pleased! Cannot believe the difference already in how I feel now to when I came home panting, puffing and aching after my first run. My husband has joined me and really feel its encouraging to have a partner to run with.

It was cold and rainy tonight, I went out in my tracky bottoms and a short sleeved running tops but didn't feel cold, however, now I'm home and showered my legs from knees upwards ache and feel cold inside...maybe need to add warmer bottoms to my shopping list!

Looking forward to the next stage in this program...

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I ran in the pouring rain last week so I can sympathise with you on that! Luckily by the time I had a shower and got into some warm clothes, I cooked dinner and felt lovely and warm again. I think I was also warmed by the achievement of not having given up when the rain got really heavy. ( I surprised my husband, and myself, that day!)

Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself. Keep up the good work!


My hubby ran with me also! its nice to share such an experience with them. WELCOME TO WEEK 3! :-)


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