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Too fast.. who knew!!!!!!

After last weeks moan on here about having to keep stopping in W8 runs and everyone saying i was going too fast,i thought i'd try to run slower today ( if that's possible) and managed a proper run with one tiny stop to cross a road!!!

I may not have run as far but at least i now know i CAN run!!!!!

Thanks all for advice, i'm going to re-run week 8 to get it right this time

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Well done. Pace is everything in C25k. Without getting that part right you run the risk of everything going pear-shaped. Take it easy and good luck.


:-) :-) :-) what janda said!!!!


Great 7ermintrude! No need to stop running to cross a road - when I ran in Berlin in August, joggers would run on the spot at traffic lights, an example I have since followed :-)


I jog on the spot too when I have to jump onto the grass verge when running on the single-track roads round here.


I'm so glad to hear this. It took me weeks and a big loss of confidence to work this out for myself. Good luck for your final week and a bit!


Wonderfully done, 7ermintrude!!

I think that realizing that it was more important to finish runs than it was to try and finish them as fast as possible, was the most important thing that I learned going through this program!! It is important to know that running slowly is still faster than huffing and puffing alongside the running trail because you weren't able to finish!!

You will have these last runs in the bag before you know it!! Keep Running!!


Great advice - I had the same trouble on Sunday, managed week 7 easy but week 8 had to stop after 15 minutes! Has Laura speeded up the music?

Try again to night much slower


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