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Been a while

Ok I'm back..well intend to be.

Seems The 5k+ should be taken on by people without weak ME.

I have been layed up with severe back pain since doing three Stamina runs silly me I'm, 48 slightly overwieght (oh OK a lot) and now it appears I have a weak back............

So i'm going back to general running as per the C25K (normal)

Might even use the treadmill (if wife allows :-) ) as less impact so i'm reading.

Any thoughts?

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Ahhhh, sonicsplodge! Just saw this. Poor you, sounds miserable. Could you perhaps do some exercise that will strengthen your back? Maybe swimming or something low impact? I bet Pilates would be good but that might not be your thing? I seem to remember your back gave you some gyp during C25k at one point (I could be wrong) but if generally your back coped I think going back to general running is a good idea, maybe just stretch out your time and distance as you want to and can tolerate. I do think that strengthening your back (or sometimes it's a postural thing) would be a good long term plan though, you don't want to risk being in agony again. Alexander Technique? A lot of these things can work out quite expensive though, I know.

I don't know the science of treadmill exercising, so wouldn't like to comment on that, except to say I found the treadmill great when I was struggling with gremlins and hills in W8. But it does make me feel slightly out of control (probably that's because of my lack of technical ability in programming the thing).

Anyway, hope things improve for you, and that you can get running again. But be kind and gentle to yourself, don't push it! And let us know how it goes....


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