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Week 9. 30 minutes??

I hope someone can help. I run with my iPod and after reading a blog on here the other week I decided to use the fitness button to track my distance. However when I did this it flagged up that despite following the week 9 podcast I had only been jogging for 24 minutes. This has really confused me as the track looks like its just over 40 minutes long, but can't work out why the fitness app would time it wrong. I've really loved this programme and am a complete jogging convert but don't know whether I really have run for 30 minutes!! Hope someone can help before I run again!! Thanks

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Does it use GPS? It could be that the signal went wappy? Ive had that problem using running apps before. One time the app reconed I'd run 5k in 24min when I knew fine well it took more like 35!



Try timing it on a treadmill, this is what I do. The 30 mins is 30 mins, and it feels like it as well!

Hope you get it sorted!


This happened to me too, and it was really disconcerting! You have to recalibrate it several times for it to become accurate - if you search recalibrating ipod on google, it should bring up the relevant help page. I actually took mine back in the end, as it wouldn't work properly, but Apple agreed it was faulty so replaced it. Hope this helps!


Thanks for your replies - I timed it tonight - just by looking at the clock on my iPod and I must have something wrong with the podcast as the warm up was just over 3 minutes and the run was 6 minutes down on 30 minutes! I continued though and did 32 minutes in the end which I was pretty chuffed with and I didn't feel like I was desperate to stop at the end. I think I will download the podcast again (it's odd because it shows it as being 41 minutes long) and recalibrate my iPod!! Thanks again! Am so loving this programme!


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