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W8 r2 success. Does the 30 minute run still count to graduation or do I have to wait for week 9?

So once again I went down to Strathy after work and ran round the park. This time I walked for 5 minutes then switched on run keeper and used that to keep track.

Once again I succeeded in running for half an hour. Think it helped that I knew I could do it since I did it on Wednesday night. 5.1km in 30 minutes of running. ๐Ÿ˜€

Just proves that the plan works because 8 weeks ago I couldn't run the length of myself.

Does it still count as graduation if I run the 3 x 30 minutes before the end of week 9?

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If you want it to


The graduation badge is awarded after at least nine weeks training and three thirty min runs. We have had to be very strict on That rule You haven't Long to wait.

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thanks for replying. just means 4 more 30 min runs until i can call myself a graduate :-)


That will be amazing! Go you, but just keep it steady and slow.. you want to reach that Graduation podium in one piece:)


Yup a bona fide, nice shiny badged graduate. Great job and it's so nice that you want to accelerate it, even though now we know that's verboten. Well done you


Realfoodieclub has given you the low-down.. three thirty minute runs in Week ( they don;t have to be 5K).. finish in style as our Laura would say?


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