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Ouch - hip pain on left side, possible piriformis ?

So since the high of yesterday I've been suffering with a nagging pain in my left hip. I've done a little online search and it seems I have all the symptoms of piriformis. I notice the pain after week 5, run 2 but didn't think too much about it. It didn't hurt whilst I was completing W5R3 but today has been pretty constant.

From my online searches it seems I need to start spending time stretching my piriformis muscle, so this evening I have spent most of the night on the floor doing the following stretch.

I can definitely feel it working - fingers crossed for W6R1 on Tuesday

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Ooh, ouch!

I had this too, after returning to running after an enforced lay off, and it was fine after doing these

but I did take an extra day off running and went for a swim instead.

Good luck.


Thank you for the post, I think this is my trouble. The stretches in the video give immediate relief so that would tend to indicate so. Cheers. :-)


Sorry to hear of your pain, Clare. I checked the link and that stretch is one we do at the end of our aerobics class - to extend it (if needed) you can also straighten the lower leg - I found it easier to balance in that way to start with as well. I just realised the other day (at class) that I used to find that stretch very difficult, but now with less weight and much better muscle tone it's a lot easier.

I do hope it helps you and you'll be pain-free soon.


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