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Rules get broken (sometimes)

Just completed w5 yaaaaay!

After finishing w4 I was away on holiday for a week so thought on my return would do w4r3 just to check I was still ok. But late afternoon last Sunday I thought I'd try w5r1, reasoning that I felt ok and it had been an active holiday. If I failed it would be because of the holiday and if I did it, it would be because I could - win, win. Well, looked for week 5 on the iPod and it wasn't there, only up to week 4, checked my phone and c25k not to be found, cue sulk. When other half said "why not just run?" I literally wailed "because Laura tells me what to do". This behaviour is not good on a child, let alone a late 57 yr old! So did w4r3 again as I really wanted to get outside.

Had to work late Tues (my usual running night) but I had a late start on Wednesday so up bright and early to do w5r1 - and failed. Chose what will be my winter route when the dark nights are here as it's the only lit and pavemented circuit in the village but it entails a monster hill. Thought I'd worked the timing so that I would be walking that bit but got it wrong. That evening, after a some thought, and looking at the lovely weather it would have been a shame to miss being out in, I went out on a disused rail track that I won't be able to use in the dark and did it. So that was 2 runs on Wednesday. Yesterday I did r2 and today I've done run 3.

So I broke the rest day rule - twice. Luckily have got away with no injuries. And I think my "inner child/spoilt brat" has started to behave, until next time!

With luck W6 starts on Sunday.

Congratulations to Everyone who has completed their goal for this week. Commiserations to those that haven't. But keep at it and it WILL happen.

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I suppose some rules are made to be broken! As long as you didn't get hurt then no harm done! Good for you and your perseverance, and good luck with W6!


Welcome to week 6! Great job finishing Week 5 without all the rest periods, quite an accomplishment!


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