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Week 9 Run 1 Done

I'm nearly there! Just completed week 9 run 1 and it felt good (all my run 1s do!) Managed 2.5 miles which isn't all that fast but means I can keep trying to get that bit speedier to get the 5k in half an hour.

After a hideous week 8, run 3 which had to be abandoned at 20 mins due to feeling rubbish (that rough I'm getting a cold sort of a feeling) and it properly tipping it down this is just what I needed.

I haven't blogged as much as I'd have liked or been on here as much as I'd have wanted but those little bits of support I've got here have been fantastic. It's great to see other people's progress and know that if you guys can do it then I can do it too :-) Thanks everyone.

Roll on graduation and beyond!

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Way to go younggrizzly! I am glad that you had a good run 1, that should make it easier to go out and do the other two (in theory!)

Almost there and then graduation!


Excellent, Younggrizzly. Well done. Once you're on W9 you're kind of home and hosed - you know you can do the 30 minutes and you will just do it. Week 8 is something else - I hated it, nearly gave up (I felt really ill and stopped for the first time ever on R3, then developed a horrible cold that knocked me out for the best part of a week) so you are not alone!

Good luck - only 2 runs left, woo hoo!


Woot-woot!!!! Only 2 runs left!!!! Hope to see that shiny badge soon younggrizzly!!!! :-)


Well done. I have just completed W8 R3, so will be joining you soon (fingers crossed)


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