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W8R1...............Done !

After a holiday and some time out I was unsure where to fit back in, thanks to advice on this site, I decided to see how far I could run and go from there.

I managed a 25 minute run on Tuesday which was a stretch and my pace had slowed somewhat but it had been a few weeks since I had managed to run for that long without stopping.

Today I ran round a track for the first time to gauge how far I was actually running. I managed 10 and 3/4 laps in 28 mins. If I had realised how far I'd actually run I would have pushed and made it 11 laps, have no doubt I can make that next time which means I am probably 1/2 a lap shy of 5K in 30mins and I am soooooo pleased !!

Everyone on here has their own goals which is awesome, mine is to not only run for 30mins but to run 5k (or there abouts), I do an active job so although I couldn't run for a bus prior to starting this programme, perhaps was not starting from nothing (and I do have a tendancy to be lazy if I can be !!) so felt I had to push myself to run the distance as well.

The track was strange, it was slightly boring but inspiring too because I spent so much of it working out how far I'd run (and failing as I couldn't do the meters to Km conversion in my head !!)

Thanks to everyone for their advice earlier in the week, it really helped. On Tuesday I couldn't have run for more than 25mins, today I didn't feel too bad at 25mins but couldn't run further than 28mins. I CAN'T WAIT to be able to run for 30 mins !!

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Well done. I have done wk8 r1 this evening as well. Last sunday only managed 13 minutes and mind and body would go no further. So pleased to have got past this hurdle First 5 minutes flew past and struggled a bit around the 15 - 20 minute point, but got through it. Decided to stop at 28, but felt I could have done a bit more after a couple of minutes walking, but decided not to push too much today. I did this on the treadmill today, as knee had been playing up and didn't want to get stuck to far away from home if I did have a problem. So well done you, I know exactly what you have done today!!


Well done you ! It's nice to have others in the exact place on the plan as you cos you know exactly how they are feeling. I felt the same, initially I felt like I couldn't run any more but after a few minutes I could have run some more.

That is what has surprised me about the plan is my recovery time, I figured that if I followed it I would be able to run further but even when I have I can walk for a bit and run again which is not something I had thought would happen. Good luck for the next runs - see you over the other side with a nice green badge !!


Great job! You are getting soooooo close! You will run 30 minutes! ;-)


Thanks ! A few weeks ago I wasn't sure but I feel much more confident now ;-)


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