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The challenge has been set!

Having started coach to 5k about 4 weeks ago I have now completed week 3 - I know I'm a week behind! Anyway I'm beginning to feel a sense of achievement as I complete each session. Enjoy would be too strong a word! Today I was browsing the internet looking at running shoes, jackets etc when my boyfriend stated that he wouldn't be surprised if I gave up. Now there's a challenge if I ever heard one! Have got to prove him wrong. Bit worried though with the dark, cold nights drawing in and the fire and hot chocolate beckoning. Think I'm going to need all the support I can and I'm looking towards you for help please. Got to get to the end and then continue. Not just to prove him wrong (which will be very satisfying) but get rid of the weight that seems to have attached itself to me without my say so!

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Don't worry about being a week behind! It's taken me months. You just have to keep up the motivation to keep going. And don't listen to boyfriends, especially if they chat rubbish! Winter does seem daunting but every thing I've read says not to be. As long as you are appropriately dressed and prepared it shouldn't be a problem. Personally, accompanied by a good cap to keep the rain out of my eyes, I find wet runs the best. Less people about to see me and it keeps you a lot cooler!

Good luck with week 4! You can do it! :D


Welcome to week 4! Nothing better to stir you on then to have the boyfriend tell you that you can't do something! ;-) The hardest part is getting out there each run day and not making excuses. Personally, if I put off a run mentally, I would still go. By the end of each run I felt such an achievement in my progress plus sticking to the routine and not slacking. Please remember we are always here for support, motivation and advice.


Your NOT a week are pacing yourself!!!!!

Darn, that bloody unwanted weight!! Where does it come from???? I woke up one morning and BOOM, there it was!!!!

You have every reason to feel a sense of accomplishment!! You are in W4!!!!

Besides, that boyfriend will be praising C25K and your commitment in a few weeks when you have completed the program, you are fit and you have lost a few of those unwanted pounds!! He will be telling a different story then!!

You are doing brilliantly!!! Keep Running!!


Thanks for your encouraging advice. Tonight is a night off as it's my birthday and I am doing my best to add as much weight as I can through seafood, wine and cake. W4R1 tomorrow. Looks daunting but up for the challenge despite the weather forecast!


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