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Completed W6R1 this morning. I know some people have found week 6 difficult, so I came on here to get some inspiration before setting out (and it got me a few more minutes in bed!).

To be honest I found this mornings run ok, the hardest part was the final minute of the 8 minute run when I hit the biggest hill on my run, but I tried to keep thinking how much good running up hills will do me good in the long term, and hopefully when I do flatter runs I *might* find it a bit easier.

I'm not really a fan of Facebook, however there is a page on there called Fitspiration, where similar to here there are motivating messages and stories from people who have embarked on a fitness journey, more general than here but for me, equally inspiring. I think thanks to that and all the people on here, I've made into week 6.

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Thanks Slater... just finished w3r2 this morning so reading your comments about w6 gives me hope that I'll get there ... as long as knees stay in tact :-). They're complaining a bit but I imagine that is normal for a beginner and it will be okay by W6R1.


Welcome to W6 Slater!!! I think for some (me included) it was the coming off of cloud 9 after the 20 minute continuous run thinking why should W6 even be an issue. Thanks for the suggestion of fitspiration, I will check it out later. Wishing you continued great runs! :-)


Good run, Slater!! I am glad that you were prepared for today and that it went well for you!! Week 6 will be in the books before you know it!!


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