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Loving it!!!

Hi everyone :-) well ive been out running a few

times now and im enjoying it more than ever :-)

Im only managing a half hour in total of non-stop

running.But its better than sitting on the couch

im going from strength to strength.Ive posted a

message to JR21 regarding my green badge but had

no reply as yet :-( never mind he must be busy. I

will keep you all posted. Good luck to you all out

there happy running and stay safe.xx

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Well done, feelgood! Hope to be graduating soon, (amazed at myself!). What're you going to do now? Park runs or continue building up your distance or time? Would love to hear what everyone suggests. Good luck whatever you decide!


Brilliant - that shiny green badge will be with you shortly, I'm sure. Keep up the runs, and keep posting to tell us all how you're doing.


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