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Introducing myself after weeks of lurking:)

Ive been reading this forum for a few weeks now and have loved all your posts of support. They have helped so much in my 'quest' to run and knowing that pretty much everything I'm feeling is normal has helped me keep with the program.

Having caught a bit of Olympic fever back in the summer a group of us decided it was time to get fit. After a few weeks talking about it we set off one evening over the local rugby field and embarked on Wk1 R1. Our group consisted of 4 mums and 4 kids and we set off with high hopes. 45 seconds later we were at different stages of near death! That first run was torture and Im sure I looked almost radio active by the time we finished.

As the weeks went on we all rose to the challenge and although it certainly wasnt easy we made it to week 4 when shock horror! We turned up at the rugby field to find people on it playing rugby! Who'd have thought!!

We then took to the streets and the majority of us prefered it. The 20 minute run of Wk5 was something we all dreaded but I wish I could have bottled that feeling when we all completed it. It was amazing.

Wk 6 brought us back down with a bit of a bump though and since then I've struggled a bit. The first run of Wk 7 was so hard for me and I really though I would have to give up. My legs were like lead and I trailed way behind the others.

Since we started we've lost a couple of our group - one of the mums got injured and a couple of the kids have gone back to school/college and decided they are too busy, but one of our group has given up smoking and is now 5 weeks cigarette free - yay.

In about 15 minutes we are off on run 2 of Wk7 and while part of me is dreading it I know I can do it .So if you see an overweight, purple faced 46 yr old woman trailing behind a small group of runners - feel free to offer a word of encouragement :)

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Welcome! I am starting grad week on Sunday and the longer runs have been a struggle for this 49 year old! You are doing great and just remember, one foot in front of the other. Speed will come later.


Welcome to the community Bubblehead! It sounds like you and your group have been doing brilliantly. The Olympics has inspired a lot of us I think.....

Good luck for W7R2 and dont leave it so long to let us know how you got on; you can both be encouraged and offer encouragement which is great!


Welcome Bubblehead. I just did this very same run this morning and I'm struggling with week 7 as well, but keep positive and keep running, you'll get through them. And keep posting so we can keep up to date with your progress. Good luck!!


Thank you for the welcome.

Completed Wk7 R2 this morning and it was much better than R1. it was hard work but I didnt struggle anywhere near as much. I found listening to the radio on my iphone helped as I wasnt counting the songs - it seemed to take my mind off of things better.

Spent a bit more time stretching afterwards as well as I completely seized up the other day. Now to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts ....:)


Welcome what a brilliant post! As one who was (is!) slow and who gets a beetroot face within 2 mins of starting any exercise, I understand where you are coming from. Keep up the excellent work!


That's amazing but please don't lurk in the back ground any longer its by sharing your experiences that helps others. Well done on getting a group together thats brilliant. The longer runs are harder to begin with just go at a pace that is best for you, if you go too fast you will end up exhausted, so slow and steady is better, speed can come later or even at the end if you have extra stamina left. Good luck to each and everyone of you. Smashing blog :)


What a great post, so glad you have finally shared your experience with others. It's a great story and one that will surely inspire others.

Even if you do trail behind the others, I don't think you need much more encouragement than you are already getting by completing each successful run.

Good luck with the rest of week 7' I have just completed W6R1 yesterday, so am a bit behind you.


Welcome Bubblehead, a great post. It must be quite a fun experience with lots of others, I'd never thought of it as a group activity but it would be really excellent to have people you can share the experience with immediately.


Welcome on board Bubblehead, the group sounds amazing! Good luck and keep on running!


Well done to you! When you look back you will see what amazing progress you've made. I ran my first proper Parkrun on Saturday & did 5k in 33.33 mins which was a total shock. If I can start running at 57 then all you younger lot can to!


As part of bubbleheads group of mummy runners (i say mummy runners not because we are mums but because of the amount of support bandages i seem to be wearing on every joint of my body :O/ ) i just want to publicly tell her how amazing she (and everyone else who has got off their bums) are doing, we have all struggled at points but its bubblehead that has kept us going with her constant enthusiasm, cajoling and support, the no smoking clinic has nothing on her, i dont think i could have given up without her support, text messages and even the odd shouty moment, she truly is an inspiration in more ways than she realises and she truly is one of the bestest friends a girl can have. I also want to thank her for introducing me to this fab site with all these wonderfull people, i have spent sometime flicking through and reading blogs and comments, some with which i can sympathise and empathiseand some that have made me laugh out loud, i now feel a hundred times more positive and know we can do this, finish this and carry on!!! All that cheese aside (as i'm not known for it) can anyone please tell me at what point will i stop hurting and my knees will stop throbing????? :O/


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