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Is anyone doing Braunstone Parkrun tomorrow? It's their 2nd birthday!

I believe that fancy dress is optional!! :D

It was actually their 2nd birthday on the 25th, but this will be the 100th Parkrun so they are combining the 2 celebrations.

I am hoping to make it (life drama's permitting), but not in fancy dress, just my C25K tee.

Might see you there :)

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Enjoy, I am going to the Bryn Bach parkrun - it is newish small and fast and I think I will be about 4 mins slower than the next slowest looking at the results from the last for weeks.


Why does the sun always come out just as we set off and make me feel like melting!! lol

It was a good run today, scooby doo ran past me at the start ~ quite a few in fancy dress which was nice :)

And there were cakes at the finish line...... mmmmmm :D

How did you get on?


I have it in mind to do at some point as this would be my closest.


If you decide to go and need a bit of moral support feel free to give me a shout. I don't go every week at the min, but now its getting cooler I'm going to try and go more :)

You missed some lovely cakes today!!


So what was your time then?


35.28 - I'm not the quickest runner as you can see! But its another PB so I'm happy :)


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