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Did It !!

Well I decided to take the wait & see approach with the weather as I was all kitted up ready to go and it did clear up a little bit so I went for my final run for week 2...feels so good that I have stuck to this programe for 2 weeks. Could not get my breathing as good as my previous post, there seem to be a few mental notes I have to go through with myself to get into the groove, does anybody else do this ?? Oh well just have to be bit more patient and wait for it to kick in again. Hope everyone has a great day and good weekend. xx

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Well done, pinkus! The breathing will come - I think most people struggle with it in the early runs. I know I did! All the best for your next runs :)


I've given up trying to do as Laura suggests with the breathing. It leaves me out of puff, so much so I couldnt finish the interval although I'd done fine before and was fine when I just went back to breathing naturaly.

Well done for doing 2 weeks! Doubling the intervals - are you as scared as I am?


Welcome to week 3! I am starting week 9 on Sunday and I still have problems with my breathing at times!;-)


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