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First 10k

I did my first 10k yesterday!

I've done the whole programme to date on the treadmill but was getting increasingly bored so have recently ventured outside. I kept running until Laura had said I'd finished the first podcast and then turned around and ran home. The battery then went dead on the phone and I normally track the distance via endomondo, but don't really know if I did it or not....would have been lovely to see the distance, but must have been close!

I have one knee that gets really sore after running and I'm unsure if it's the change in surface from the treadmill or something niggling but it's not bad enough to strap. Feeling really really positive that although my progress has been relatively slow (started in April), I'm seeing really positive changes.

It took me well over an hour (nearer 70 mins I think) but to think that I can run (jog) for 70 mins is brilliant to me!

Keep running folks xx

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My word that is amzing. You are my hero!


wow - well done!!! Can't see myself doing that, but you never know! Its hearing from people like you that makes me think that anything may be possible! After all, I have made it to Week 7 which looked impossible a few weeks ago. Keep it up. Again, well done.


Well done. I bet you're feeling chuffed!

When I ran 8.5K on Sunday at the recommended 60% effort 'long slow distance run' pace, I felt I could have kept going for longer. But since I'd not gone beyond 6.5k previously, I knew not to push it and push my luck injury-wise.


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