Week 2, day 1

I'm not really sure what I made of today's session! At some points I felt great, as if it was easier than last week's runs and the 90 seconds flew in and at other points it felt like so much longer and I was wondering if I could take another step and why on earth I have decided to do this! Of course when I'd done all the runs and was on my cool down walk I felt great :-) I didn't quite understand the bit about breathing...there is no way I can hold my breath for a count of 4 when I am running, I think I would collapse through lack of oxygen. Even at my walking pace (which isn't much slower than my running pace really) I'd struggle to hold my breath for 4 counts. I hope everyone else is getting on ok this week

3 Replies

  • I agree, I'm just delighted to complete the runs, I believe the breathing will improve with greater stamina. Well done, and good luck with R2....

  • Congrats! The breathing should improve as you become fitter. You will be amazed at the progress you will make from run to run. Wishing you well!!

  • I'm pretty sure that as with singing or playing a wind instrument you don't hold your breath. Breathe in to a count of 4 and out to a count of 4..... or whatever is a good rhythm for you. Helps to stop you hyperventilating.

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