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Week 3 run 2, I'm so thankful for this forum!

Completed this run around 8pm this evening. So it was dark but the streets were well lit and I think I really enjoy running at night time. It was surprisingly tough so I'm starting to get apprehensive about week 4. But it may have just been the hangover getting to me, yes I actually managed to exercise after drinking the night before. There's a first for everything!

If it wasn't for this forum I would never have managed to keep it up. Reading about the progress of real people most of whom are complete beginners like myself and seeing that it really is possible! So it reminds me there really is no excuse!

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Well done. Keep it up. You did well to do it hung over. I did w6 r1 this morning. Just keep going one run at a time and you will do it. You've done the hardest part by starting. Just remember with every run you're getting fitter and leaving that couch behind.


Great job! You will be in week 4 before you know it! I agree, this is a fantastic site with lots of great people!!


Fantastic Jodie92!! I couldn't agree more!! It is an amazing motivator to see others sometimes struggle and succeed right along side us!! That is the amazing part of this program to me...almost anyone can do it!! Keep are doing great!!


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