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W7 R1 eventually!!!

After a very trying two weeks - including a pulled muscle below my buttock (unrelated to running I now realise) a very slow brewing throaty cold that made me exhausted and TOM. I have finally managed to do W7 R1 HURRAY!!!

I was really panicking I had lost the progress I had made over the last six weeks, lost a lot of confidence in my ability to run, was a bit scared about running outside off road and wondered if this cold would effect my breathing. So I played it safe and went to the gym and used the tread mill.

Happily plodding along at a steady jog minding my own business when after 10 minutes into the podcast these two leggy, lean early twenty something girlies came and jumped on the tread mill next to me..... why me?.... there was a whole row of empty machines. SO I kept my head down and ploughed on trying to ignore my new running neighbours. After five minutes which they giggled, laughed and texted through, they then started running, stopping to change music, text and chat and then finished before I had even reached the 20 minute mark. I felt much better knowing that i had just kept going and did not succumb to feeling demoralised because I was old and fat!!

So I finished my 25 minutes with a little sprint in the last minute, realising how boring tread mills and gyms were, and vowed to do my next two runs in the open again having regained confidence in my 50 year old body to be able to run.

yay, bring on the last three weeks - my aim is a 5K Fun Run in the local path in a months time - fingers crossed.

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Well done, you must feel so relieved that your run went well, and that your injury is better.

I do sympathise about the gym girlies, I can just imagine them. Still, you did a better workout than they did, they probably felt intimidated by the seriously pro runner who started before them and was still training when they left! I absolutely dread those gym goddesses coming along when I'm on the treadmill.

Best of luck with the last bit of the programme, not long to go now!


Great job getting into week 7! I can sympathize with you, I am fighting allergies, tom plus a few other issues. I feel your pain having to deal with the youngsters, but a year from mow we will still be plodding along, just much fitter! Good luck the last stretch of the program. I am starting week 8 tonight and nervous!!!!


Well done, hope you stay well, and don;t you worry about ANYONE else either in that gym or out on the roads, the only person you are competing against is the old you! You are doing brilliantly!


thanks for your kind word everyone - a bit achey this morning, but still walking!!!!


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