W5R3 done

The one that looked like a leap into unknown territory and a step too far passed off with success. Hard to believe that 3 minutes on W3 nearly killed me! Run 2 was hard at the end of a tough day at work so I was expectingit to be an even harder run today. It was pushing it a bit but the 5 minute warnings from Laura helped give focus and motivate me. I hear it's W6R3 that gets you the 'real runner' designation. So, I must be on my way! And I am improving my stats again. I've now passed an average speed of 9 kph for the 30 mins today (including warm-up/down) and a total distance of 4.57 km! Hurrah! Bring on week 6.

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  • Fantastic well done Janda.. :-)

  • Wow well done on W5R3 and your average speed. I'm struggling to get above 8.8kph most of the time but I have consciously slowed down the last couple of runs to make sure. Tomorrow I have W6R2 which is two 10 minute intervals so I'm going to focus on trying to do a 10 minute time trial mile on the second interval. It may blow up in my face, but I'd like to see if I can do it.

  • Thanks and well done to you too. I found that getting the pace right is the only way of making things work. I like your idea for the second interval . It sounds like you're setting a challenging goal but not a mad one. Let us know how you get on. At the moment I am mostly concerned with endurance rather than speed (even if my interest in the stats seems to contradict this). I am still very focused on doing this and getting to the end of the run each time. Perhaps when I reach end of week 6, when it becomes long runs only, I will start to look at the speed more. And I want to reach 5k! Good luck again.

  • Congratulations!!! In my opinion, if you make it to week 5, you are a runner!!!!

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