What's the difference between jogging and running?

Years ago I dated a 'runner' who was very distainful of 'joggers'. Over the last 9 weeks I've often wondered what the difference is. Is it speed, pace, competition? Am I runner or a jogger. Not that care but it might give me something else to think about at the 25min mark.

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  • Good question, AnnaDJ! I'm waiting to hear the answer to your question too!

  • Google it "define jogging & running this is just one of the answers

    There isn't a hard-and-fast rule

    Some say that "jogging" is running when you're not racing.

    Others say that "jogging" is anything below a 10 minute pace. You're doing a 12 minute pace, so you're jogging by that definition.

    To my mind (and I've never heard anybody else say this) it's more about heart rate. Anything below about 60% of maximum heart rate (around 110-120 beats per minute for a middle-aged adult) is jogging; above that it's running.

    But who cares? If you're getting out and putting in the miles, that makes you a runner in my book. What's so "only" about jogging? "Only" is reserved for "only sitting on the couch watching TV." You're working and that's the important part.

  • Bravo, Oldgirl. Abso-**cking-lutely. What is the difference? Is there one? Does it matter???! If you're putting one foot in front of the other on a regular basis for about 30 minutes ... isn't that what's the thrill.

    Personally, I think I run like the middle-aged dad from the Peter Kay sketch. But I couldn;t give a toss. I'm moving faster than I've ever done (except for a car or on skies). And I'm doing it for longer than I ever thought possible. I don't care what it's called. It''s moving and it's working towards other enjoyable goals (5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon... )

    But what's really important is not the categorisations or the goals, but the 'each-day' get out there and do it... despite anything and everything.

  • Lol thanks for your answers guys. Technically a jogger but I feel like a runner so that's what I'm going to call myself and stick my tongue out at all those 'proper runners', he he ;-)

  • Jogging is what you think you do, running is what you think everyone else does!

  • :-) thanks Greg that made me giggle. I now want to do one of those Facebook pictures, you think I do, I really do pictures. I think the last picture would be a red faced woman collapsing, lol

  • Now now its not only women that get red faces when they run/jog/walk/saunter/stroll call it whatever you like its putting one foot in front of tuther one :)

  • I stand corrected ;-)

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