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A challenging Wk 6 Run 3

I'm on holiday in Edinburgh but determined to keep going while I'm here. Did a run on Tuesday in a very nice gym. This morning it was pouring rain, I thought I chose a good route but had slippery cobble stones, puddles, steps, closed pathways and VERY steep bits. My last 60 seconds was up a very steep street and I was on the point of passing out when Laura suggested I push a bit harder- yeah right! My tracker shows me as just having run 2.6km but think it missed some bits out. In any case I think that if I choose the rest of my routes more wisely I'll manage the other 25 minute runs no problem. Week 7 here I come!

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Well done.. i have my R3 tomorrow. but can't face the music so have downloaded running music and done a playlist.I'm living in hope that different music will make a difference to my run..


Good luck with yours. To be honest I can't really remember much about the music - I was too busy trying to avoid tripping or slipping on the cobbles. I do remember one song about sunshine - as it was absolutely tipping it down! I don't suppose we need the podcasts now that the intervals have finished. Might be nice to run to our own taste of music.


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