Can anyone recommend a running watch not requiring a mortgage to buy?

Hi all.

I am looking at buying one of these as fed up with carrying my phone when running.Garmin seem to be the best but they cost fortunes! Can anyone offer any advice on a good one for a poor bloke. Obviously, I would like all of the toys on it like GPS, heart rate monitor etc. Any advice gratefully recieved.


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22 Replies

  • Guess it depends on what a fortune is to you? and what else you are looking to get out of the gadget if you want a heart rate monitor on it then the FR110 has two versions one with and one without a HRM on ebay you should be able to get one for under £70 you could get just a HRM they start at about £15

  • Thanks Mummysaurus. I'll check that out. I was looking at FR620 but new they are £330!

  • Garmin are bringing out new watches all the time so why not try and pick up a Garmin ForeRunner 110 on Ebay or Amazon. They are much cheaper than they used to be but will do the job nicely. There are probably others out there but its Garmin that I have but use my phone as a back up with iSmoothRun App to track and for my music.

  • Try the "LOOP" from garmin(sorry that should be "LOOP" from POLAR left original mistake in post to ensure later posts make sense)... Introductory price is £80 (going up to £85 soon). It's their new product and you can bolt on the HR monitor later for around £60 if you feel the need to want one...

    The loop will get updates so future proof, no need to buy an updated product. It even tells you how much restful/unrestfull sleep you have.

  • Thanks Oldgirl. I'll check that out.

  • Thanks for that Completerunner. I've been on the Garmin website but can't find anything at all about it. Can you guide me where to look?

  • Do a search for dcrainnaker, he does rather in depth reviews of such things. The 620 is a very nice piece of kit, not sure how the process are holding up, but I can recommend the 610 over the 210 or 110

  • Dohhhhh!!! It's Polar loop not garmin

  • Thanks Crox. I'll check that out.

  • Let's go back a little --"I am looking at buying one of these as fed up with carrying my phone when running."

    What is it exactly that you are fed up with carrying your phone while running?? Perhaps a solution to the problem(s) that you are encountering in that regard may eliminate the need to purchase a watch?

  • I use map my run - an app on the phone. I have to wear an armband to carry the phone which is a bit of a pain as you can't see the screen. I also find it a bit uncomfortable.

  • I use an old soft spectacles case. It has a clip on the back that enables me to clip it to either a belt or the waistband of my running shorts. My earphones wire goes into the top of my phone so it is absolutely ideal. I have had this old case laying around for years - on an "It may come in handy some day" basis.

  • i got my garmin 210 off ebay for 70 worth every penny

  • Thanks Moger. I'll check that out.

  • no problem jonny1 hope you get sorted

  • Following on from Bazza1234's post above, how about one of these?

    They're fairly flat, adjustable elasticated waistband and sit nicely on the waist (or mine does). The pocket will easily take my phone, some money/plasters, door keys/car key and my parkrun barcode.

  • Thanks Beads. Bazza1234's solution is not really what I'm looking for. I want to get something on my wrist that does the same, if not more than my phone. I rely on map my run for my pace and distance etc but want something that is easier to look at. The watch is the best way forward for this.

  • re the HRM aspect -- my understanding is that wrist based HRM devices do not give continuous monitoring - they apparently have electrodes that you place you finger on when you want a reading - that may be old info though. Technology may have moved on.

  • I have Garmin FR 110 which has HRM that you fasten around your chest, for us ladies it sits just about at the base of bra so you don't even know you are wearing it. If you go down the road of a Garmin or similar what will you use for your music or do you run naked? I carry my phone and use runners App for back up and music which is excellent. Phone which is an iPhone fits into back zipped pocket in capri's or runners waist belt for longer runs when I fasten a water bottle to and carry tissues and jelly babies :)

  • That sounds fine Oldgirl. I don't do music any more. I like the idea of a watch type of device. Naked running is what I am most comfortable with now. am doing a half marathon in about 4 weeks but haven't felt the need for anything like water or jelly babies yet. I'm up to 11.6 miles so far without anything but feel completely knackered afterwards so may well need some extra energy.

  • sweatshop have got 70 quid of garmin 220 go online sweatshop

  • Thanks Moger. I'll check that out.

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