Does anyone else strap up their knee or knees when they run?

I just wondered if anyone else finds running easier if they strap their knee up. I have psoriatic arthritis and whilst it doesn't affect my knees, one knee has been a little clicky. I ran today with a normal tubi-grip on it and it felt so much better. I have seen these on Amazon and wondered what people's thoughts were as they seem pretty well received:


I am checking in again with my physio next week so will as her but I feel I might need something as that knee doesn't seem as strong as the other one.

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  • I would check with your physio, they will know the best advice for your knee. I hope its just a little niggle and it gets sorted out really easy. sometimes we get little niggles as the muscles build up. take care

  • I always run with a support but it may be more superstition now than an actual help! Your physio will definitely know best.

  • I have a troublesome knee, mostly an old injury and a bit of arthritis and I get clicking, grinding and popping of the kneecap. I just bought some new shoes and a lightweight knee support which I actually found in Aldi for £2.99. I really like the feel if it, my knee felt warm and supported and I ended my run with no knee pain at all which was a joy as I've been having a lot of trouble of late. Agree, see what the physio says but I would think wearing a support during runs can't actually do any harm.

  • I was in Aldi today and saw the knee support you mentioned. I have picked one up and hopefully it will help. Thanks.

  • Good old Aldi, they carry some amazing value stuff which you can try without spending a fortune. Hope you got the right size, it's been very helpful to me.

  • go on ebay for strap and braces i had a lot of runners knee at the the start but check with doc s first i have a patella strip thing it goes round the bottom of the knee

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