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W8 R1 Done YAY!

Well this morning I set out to do 28 mins as required but ended up doing the magic 30 mins instead.. I can't tell you how amazed I am. Just 6 weeks ago (have been doing a run every other day) I could only manage 1-2 mins of running. Wasn't expecting to hit the magic 30 just yet but everything was feeling fine, no aches or pains and breathing was fine thank god so I just carried on. Only managed 2.5 miles but am pretty happy with that and I've still got another 5 runs to work on the distance, although I won't mind at all if I don't manage to do 5K in 30 mins by W9 R3. I will still consider it a real triumph to be able to run for 30 mins. That has never ever happened before.

Will be doing some serious visualisation before my next run as it really does feel like more of a mental challenge from here on in rather than a physical one.

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Well done samdavi that's great. Like you say the mental challenge now to get your legs to realise they can go faster. I don't doubt that you can do it after todays run.


CONGRATULATIONS! I bet you feel fantastic! :-)


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