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Has anyone else had lower back pain after a hilly run?

I was away on holiday last week but still managed my 3 wk3 runs * pat on back*. But they were on quite hilly country lanes and after the last one I was left with an achy and stiff lower back. I've stretched a bit and taken some over the counter painkillers which has helped.

Due to head back out tomorrow morning to my local park which is mainly flattish.

Did the hills contribute to the aches - and should I avoid them until I've built up a bit more stamina? This is my second attempt after getting a bad ankle injury half way through the programme months ago - so I'm determined to keep going even if I have to do some weeks several times!

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I've experienced that before and have put it down to holding back on a downhill stint.

I don't know about you but I tend to lean back whilst going downhill to stop myself running too fast (going too fast downhill causes me shin splints haha). Doing this while running downhill puts added pressure on the lower back and makes it ache, or at least it does for me.

Could be the same for you?


I have had back problems, nothing to do with hills, as I live in York,which is v flat! But thought that I would share some info/tips that I have picked up which seem to have sorted out my problem... stretching while still warm either after running or I like to have a shower first, I have found yoga stretches for runners (google a video) really seem to help. Plus regular (daily if you can) exercises to strenghthen your back, Dr Ali's Back book was reccomended on a running forum and I have been doing t exercises reccomended in the book daily or at least every other day, they only take about 10m. Also there is a book called Chi Running by Danny Dryer (also a web site) I have found this helpful in terms of advice about style and technique . He reccomended zig zagging down a hill to reduce the strain, but I suppose this wouldn't work if you are on a road.

Hope your back improves its a little demotivating to have aches and pains.


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