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Has anyone had a worse run than this sorry tale?

I have had an injury on a run previously but this run is by far the worst running experience I have had outwith injury. Let the verbose explanation commence.

Yesterday it was decided that Wifey, Mini Kiltlegs and I would visit my poorly mother in law who is recovering from a knee op. After supervising some frantic crayon scribbling for her get well card, I said we would drive to the in laws and I would run back after wishing her well, shower and get lunch ready so we could go to the local fete, exciting times!

I wished my mother in law well and had a nice wee chat, then off I went. I had everything I needed and decided to take the slightly longer scenic route of about 6.5km. It was really sunny and I actually felt tired about 1km in. I managed to about 3 km then needed a walk. I managed to run walk about 6.4km in 40 something minutes and walked up to my front door.

Doesn't sound too bad thus far does it? Enter the dramatic twist.

I dug around in my back pocket for my house key and discovered, to my horror, that the key had jostled in my pocket to such an extent that it had worn a hole through the stitching and had been dropped at some point en route. Not to worry, I had my phone so I would call Wifey just to drive back with her key! Surely my hormone charged pregnant wifey will answer the call of emergency! Ring ring,

"Hey honey, guess what?" explanation. Pause.

"Well *expletive removed* run back and find it" Hang up.

Hmm. Well, this seemed harsh but trying to blame it on hormones I grabbed my trusty emergency fiver and got water and a lion bar (for courage) from the local shop. I had a 10 minute rest, drink and munch. Unfortunately all our friends were at the local fete so I could either hang around or walk back. Galvanised by ire, irksomeness and general irritation I decided to backtrack my route.

I walked for about half an hour and was getting a serious headache from squinting into the sun at the pavement. It was taking absolutely ages. After this half an hour I kicked up into a jog and jogged slowly along for the next km whilst searching around.

I've never had sun stroke before and it came along suddenly. One moment I am scanning the grass on the bank for my blue keyring, the next moment my vision swims and my legs stumble me into the grass. I fell to my knees and dry heaved a bit. Yuck! I had some left over water so had that to settle me down. I mopped the sweat off my forehead and noticed it was rough and stingy. I had a rest but was galvanised at the extremely heartfelt text from Wifey that said "Found it yet?". I stumbled the last couple of km with a pounding head and a stiffening calf. As I stumbled up to the car I had taken my headphones out of 2.5 hours earlier, I checked my app and it said I had covered 7km as I had to backtrack a couple of times when I wasn't sure where I had crossed earlier. 13.5km in the sun, yay.

I think it goes without saying that relations with Wifey are somewhat frosty. Sadly the rest of me is decidedly not as I am thoroughly sunburned, have very stiff legs today and a bit of a groin strain from my stiff calfed gait.

But every cloud has a silver lining right? Well, because I was wearing my nose/sweat wipe gloves (tm) the backs of my hands are fine. Did I find my key? Of course not. *sigh*.

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Ouch! At least you'll get some sympathy here. Maybe :)


Hopefully your hormonal wifey will start 'nesting' and sew up the hole in your shorts and add a nice little zip pocket to keep your keys in ;)


I know how you feel. I lost my key on a run two weeks ago and my husband sent me back out to find it. It was a green key and I had been running on grass - I didn't find it. I know that this doesn't compare to sunstroke and sunburn but I was late for my tea! ;-)


Ooh, you poor thing ! Hope you feel better soon and make it up with wifey ! ;-)


Oh dear, you sound just like my husband. Whenever he undertakes a new activity some calamity or accident befalls him! I've had to take long lunches to drive him to the emergency room, spend a small fortune replacing lost or broken items and nurse him through a myriad of breaks and sprains. It's a shame you didn't find them and fell ill but I am sure she will forgive you once her hormones calm down. I'll take this as a lesson learned and make sure and check my pockets before a run! Hope the next one is better for you!


Sorry to hear about this - sunstroke sounds really nasty. I panic about losing my key, so spend quite a bit of my run clutching my left breast, which may look a little odd to other people, but I stick my key down my bra for safety :D

I hope normal, happy family relations are soon resumed :)


Oh, that sounds really horrible. :( I hope you're on speaking terms again soon. :)

Sunstroke and having to carry on to get back home... Ugh! Hope you're feeling ok again very soon. Maybe a secret spare key place might be a good idea! :)


Key in bra for me too - guess there are some benefits from having boobs and a close fitting sports bra. Key's always quite warm afetrwards! :)


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