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Regraduation - Yessss!

Today I did my third 30 minute run and my fastest ever time - I cant believe it!

I graduated back in June but lapsed after doing my 5k Race for Life run for 7 weeks. The lapse was a combination of injury, life & sheer laziness. It was so hard to start again. The hardest run was that first run after the gap, but as soon as I was out & running I loved it and couldn't wait to get out again.

I started at W5 and worked my way thru' - so to any one else who is thinking about restarting and finding it hard - just get out there. Even if you only run for 2 or 3 minutes, you'll remember how much you enjoyed it and the running craving will come flooding back.

Oh and my'fast' time, well I managed to do 4k in 30 minutes which for this tortoise is really fast! A wonderful birthday present for this 'oldie' - not quite past it yet...

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Well done to you jenniej! I graduated back in February, then got married and it all went wrong for a few months, put weight on and got lazy! Am on wk3 as got shin splints recently, but cant wait to get back up there again. Good on you for starting again and on your time ;)


thank you! Well done to you too for getting out there again esp at such an eventful time for you. that is dedication! Good luck with the running. J


Oh, well done for getting back to it! Keep going, and keep posting on here to let us all know how you're doing!


thanks Anniemurph. Its great to be back running. This forum is so good at motivating you to keep going. Next aim - 5k in under 40 mins which for me will be a big step forward.


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