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Stride length

Im enjoying the 5k+ podcasts, but my stride is nowhere near Laura's suggestion. Im 5ft 4 so thought maybe it's because I'm short (with short legs) but I'm thinking that maybe I won't get the speed I'd like (eventually) without a longer stride. Anyone else not able to match lauras 1-2-3-4? My 1-2-3-4 is much quicker, which feels like I'm doing a lot more strides, which must tire me out quicker.

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If your 1-2-3-4 is quicker, it suggests you are running at a faster pace than laura is telling you to run - rather than your stride is not long enough. Its the speed of your steps (otherwise know as cadence) which decides how fast you run. Laura's podcasts starts at 150 paces per minute thru 155 upto 160. Are you going faster than all of these?


I can't run at the speed Laura advises, my legs just don't seem to fit (difficult to explain)! I have tried but to try and keep pace, I would have to do really long strides and slower, if that makes sense. So I think I am running faster with much shorter strides, which is fine, but I'm frustrated that I can't fit the bill.


This is me too. I found that I can comfortably run with the 'stamina' podcast at 160bpm which fits my strides (and my short legs!)


I tried the speed podcast last night and had to really make myself go slow for the 150ppm parts, although that got easier as I got tired. I found the fast pace (165bpm I think) easier to do for the first few intervals but had to make more of an effort to keep up with this towards the end. I'm 5' 7". Ad tygfuz says it does sound like you need to slow down to match Laura.

Nicky it sounds like you need to slow down too. For me 150bpm is like a jog and then 165bpm is actual running.

But if you're both running faster than the podcasts maybe you don't need the speed one?!


Audiofuel do MP3 speed training but you have to pay for them (£4.99)

These do running at faster tempos. The Chrissie Wellington Run Faster 1 goes up to 180bpm.


I do know what you mean when I first started with Laura I was prancing along like a dressage pony trying to get the rhythm, all Michael’s advice with the hedge went out of the window! I had to count out loud 😝 to get it and smooth out 🏃‍♀️


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