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How do I ease my calf knot?

Due to start week 4 tomorrow but over my last few runs I've had a pain in my left calf. It feels like a knot in my muscle and feels like it tightens up during the run.

Now my running times are increasing it's affecting me more. I can run through it doing my best to ignore it, but it's starting to bother me even on my rest days now.

I've tried some stretches after my cool down walk and also trying to massage the knot out. But my efforts are not helping.

Can anyone recommend anything else I can do to try to ease it? Support socks? Other stretches etc...?

If I can ease it I know I'd run better.

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Ouch. Hope this helps


I had similar bother during week 2. I bought a foam roller (the grid) which has stripes and bumps on it that massage your muscles. Seems to be doing the trick. I also started taking shorter strides and doing some dynamic stretches before going out.


Think I've had these too, am trying shorter strides and stretching which seems to be helping.


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