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How do I stop my calf muscles hurting


I have just started couch to 5k, I am on my second week but I am finding that half way through my calf muscles hurt so much I can't run. It passes and then I carry on but I was just wondering if there is anything I can do to stop this from happening.

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Simple answer warm up cool down stretch out and compression sox ! They type you wear when on long flights will do good luck and keep going


You could try reducing your early speed, sometimes going too fast too soon before properly warmed up can cause muscle pain and cramping. Drink water too before a run helps with hydration which in turn helps prevent cramping. Good luck, it does get easier as our bodies get more used to the new demands we are putting on it.

Having the same trouble myself and Im on wk6. As mine has continued so long i am going to get a massage done nxt wk on my calves with a sports therapist just to see if it helps. So for yrself make sure u warm up well, cool down and do yr stretches and if that isn't helping maybe a massage will help.

Hi Firsttimer37.

Well done on starting the plan. I had exactly the same problem and friends who were runners kept telling me that new blood vessels would be growing in my calves which would help with the muscle burn and it would pass. Did I believe them? No! Has it passed? YES! I am truly amazed. I was having to stop every couple of minutes or so to stretch out my calf muscles when suddenly, on about week 4, I was stopping twice in my sessions and I noticed last week that I now don't stop at all. My calf muscles are fine. I really hope this happens with you too - and soon.

One more thing... Around week 4 my ankles started causing me real problems and I could hardly walk after a run so I got new shoes and some anti-inflammatories. The ankles are marginally better and I only mention it now in case the new shoes helped with my calf problem.

Good luck! I hope the problem doesn't persist for much longer. You're doing a fab job sticking with it. I know how much it can put you off.

Take care. K


I had the same problem in the first few weeks, my local running shop suggested neurofen gel or tiger balm rubbed on before a run, this really helped and I don't seem to need it now, Ally x

Thanks for all the responses, I will give them a go and let you know how I get on. I am having problems actually getting out at the moment and starting to panic as I am running race for life in 6 weeks and I am no where near ready. I have never run before so I think I was being a bit optimistic!!!!!!

Compression socks worked for me, as well as 30 sec stretches at the end of the run. Good luck and hope the pain goes completely very soon for you. I'm running my first Race for Life on Sunday and due to torn ligaments and not being able to run for 6 weeks have only got up to Week 7. I am currently running just over 2 miles in 25 minutes. But you like me will just have to do the best you can, if that means running then walking for a bit then so be it, there will be other races. I'm going to try and run for at least 2 miles and then hopefully the atmosphere will push me along for a little while longer. The best of luck to you with your future training and your 1st Race for Life :-)

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