First Parkrun

This morning I did my first Parkrun, this was my W8R1. I thought it would be good to see how I'd fair. My legs/knees were OK, I was getting quite tired my the end. Well I managed it in an amazing 30.40............. I'm delighted, I thought being the first time and still at week 8 I'd be around the 35 min mark.

I've now got a lot to live upto next time.

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  • Wow that is a great time, well done!

  • YAY! Well done you ...still impatiently waiting for my result to appear ..around the 50 min mark

  • Congratulations! Great time and you haven't even graduated yet. Well done!

  • Thats brilliant, what an amazing time too, congratulations.

  • Brilliant! That's what I am hoping to do when I finally get there. Great time too!

  • Fantastic - well done you!!!

  • Thats a fantastic time Betty-Jane; you will breeze through the final runs of W8 & 9 and soon have your well deserved green badge!!

  • Well done, you did a great time. Think I read on another post your local park run is Norman's park. That's where I have done 5 runs. Today I was at the inaugural run at orpington. Have to say think I prefer Bromley as its flatter!!!

  • Yes it was good to have a nice flat run. I live in Biggin Hill and my usual run is a slightly up hill run out of the village, but a lovely downhill run to finish off.

  • A great time! I get you enjoyed the satisfaction at the end...

  • well done! It will be really helpful to have the parkrun as a continued motivator after you graduate. Your time was really good, I hope you enjoyed it too.

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