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Waste of a sleepless night.....grrrr

After a horrible, busy tiring week at work I was faced with W5R3 this morning. I saw every hour go by last night but forced myself out of the door at 8:15 this morning after a few grumpy exchanges with my very supportive husband.....(all my fault, I'll admit!) I was obviously looking for a way of getting out of this run....I really never thought I'd do it. A colleague at work is doing the GNR tomorrow and she was brilliant, telling me 'you can do it, it's a mental challenge'. Going from 8 mins to 20 mins continuous running seemed complete madness but I had faith in Laura & all you lovely people on here and do you know what .....I did it & loved it :-) I feel so chuffed for not being defeated, there was almost a little tear at the end :-)

Here's to week 6 which I believe is a toughie but I'm determined to get there :-)

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Snap.. i was the same as you.. and was so chuffed but W6R1 this morning nearly killed me.I was so gutted but and determined to do better on the rerun! Good Luck


It's all in the mind ;-)) You know you can complete this prgramme now. After all 30mins isn't really that much more is it? Well done you're more than halfway through now.


Fantastic Bongodrums, well done!

I enjoyed the 20 min run and was so chuffed that I completed it and felt I could have run on! Amazing. R1 of wk 6 nearly killed me, but I was determined to do it and did! Run2 later today.

It is mind over matter now, & you'll do it. Pace yourself and take your time. Good luck! Let us know how you get on?


Thak you & good luck to all of you too :-) start week 6 on Tues......eeek :-)


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