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Treadmill run that killed me

I keep reading on here the question:- which is harder the treadmill o running outside? Well here is my understanding.

I'm up at week 9 now and have been for a week or two as I am waiting for my wife "mrs_ship" hip to get better and we graduate together, we started together and we will graduate together!!! Anyway I was away on business this week so I checked into one of those village hotels, you know the ones with the gym, and what an amazing gym it was! So finished work, returned to hotel and got myself changed for my run. Luckily the gym was massive with loads of treadmills. Once I sorted the manual programme on the treadmill out I was off with a view of hopefully running 5k, well it turned out I set it for 5 mins and just as I was getting settled I had to stop, "NOT HAPPY", anyway re set for 25 mins and off we went again, at this poin I must tell you I had forgotten my ear phones and also couldn't see any tell to watch. 10 mins passed and there was no breeze, air con pointing my way and I was overheating, gremlin on my shoulder saying, nobody knows you, stop if you want, he stayed there for the full 25 min runs, I clock watched every chuffing minute. I stuck at I but I hated it!!

Every respect to you treadmill runners, but not for me!! I'm off out now for run round my normal route!!!


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I did all runs up to W6 outdoors but for the past two weeks have been using a treadmill more. It started with a couple of days of really bad weather ( I don't see the fun in funning in the rain - but that's just me!)Now they're beginning to grow on me. Yes, indoor running is hot and sweaty (well hotter and sweatier) - but I can keep water and a towel handy to deal with that. Some people would say it's boring - but I avoid the TV screens and with Laura in my ear can shut out whatever else is going on around me and focus on the running. There are no dogs, slugs, flies, squirrels, walkers or other runners to have to worry about or avoid. I always run alone and actualy find the gremlins helpful - knowing that I can stop at any point is a bit of a security blanket; because I know that I could, I chose not too (sorry if that sounds a bit perverse!) I quite like ability to clock watch - I can now anticipate when Laura's going to tell me "You're half way there" so no longer have the "You've got to be kidding!" reaction and I get a realistic sense of how far and how fast (or rather how slow) I'm going. I'm not giving up on the great outdoors but think treadmills definately have a future!


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