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Cold annoyances, back to Week 8

Got back into it yesterday after myself and my partner caught a nasty cold and spent a miserable week and a half without running, but with a lot of sniffling and griping.

Wasn't sure where to start, so we decided to go back to the beginning of Week 8 (which we'd almost finished before the dreaded lurgie, darn it!) and see if we could still run as far as we could before.

We could! So, we're re-starting from the beginning of Week 8, and hoping that nothing will get in the way of us graduating.

Weired how I felt great while I was running (well, slowly jogging), but when I went back to walking at the end I could really feel it in my legs. Still can today, although not in a bad way! Here's hoping tomorrow's run will be a little faster and I can get back to the (still slow) speeds I was managing before.

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Congratulations! You two will both be graduates soon! I'm fighting a cold/ allergies too. I admire your determination to get right back out there.


Thanks :D Fingers crossed!

I hope you can beat the cold and the allergies. Good luck :)


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