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W4 R3 - aka lesson learned or slow and steady wins the race!!

Finally got the pace sorted today! Breathing was so much easier at the end and today I carried on running past the last 5 minutes to see how much further I could go. Made it to 8 minutes without too much trouble!!! Couldn't believe it. I also covered 4.7k including the warm up and cool down, so I covered the most distance by running at a much more even pace. Left leg is playing up again so may need to think about 2 days rest which I don't want to do but if needs be better to play it safe before starting Week 3. Hope it's just another niggle and have been stretching like mad since I got back.

Anyway I'm thrilled with this morning and looking forward to a good day in a great mood :)

Happy running everyone.

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Well done, glad you got the pace issue sorted! Getting my pace right during tonight's run in prep for the dreaded w5r3 on Friday will be my priority. Make sure to take that extra day's rest if you need it as next week you will be stepping up though you seem in a good position though if you can already do 8 mins! I will learn if I can do that tonight!


Oh yes, pace is all. Very well done. Fingers crossed for that leg of yours.


Nicely done Fraz that's an excellent result.


Thanks for the comments guys. My left calf just feels a bit sore so going for a massage tonight. Hopefully that will sort it out. Think it might be a bit of a trapped nerve or a knot that's giving me grief.


Well done and congratulations!!!! Pace is the answer for most of us. We have a vision in our mind of a runner and I know for me, that vision comes no where close to the slow pace I go. Once the program is completed, I hope to work on speed, I'm just thankful right now to complete each run. Welcome to week 5!!!!


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