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Fed up with giving way knee on downhill bits

Taking my granddaughters to school yesterday and we ran downhill, not terribly steep and quite slowly. My left knee gave way. It's doing it quite alot on downhill bits. I wonder if anyone else is having this. Over the last few weeks, my knees have started twinging. Going downstairs can hurt. I'm wondering whether knee supports might help, or are there any exercises for tender knees. I am wondering whether to try doing more running on grass.

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Give them a try, I use them as my right knee goes the opposite to you, mine's going up hills or even worse stairs, get them from the pound shop it's worth a try Pat


Mine's the same as yours, Pat. It never hurts when I'm running and I am NOT going to the doc in case he bans me from running! So I'll be off the the pound shop.


You might think about going to the gym and using the leg weight machines to strengthen up those muscles that support the knee, mostly, according to the physio I know, that is the problem. The ligaments either side of the knee and the muscles above and below are weak and not holding it in place as they should.

Look up leg muscle strengthening exercises on Youtube. The dr/physio/sports therapist could also give you some idea of what are the best ones. Someone who works with me is a qualified physio and runs, so he said, when I had hurt my knee, two good ones are:

1. Lie or sit down on the floor/bed, put a tightly rolled up towel under the affected knee, and proceed to straighten the leg out by lifting your foot, and holding for the count of five. Do as many repeats as you can. This strengthens the quads and you'll feel them working as you do it.

2. Lie or sit down or the floor/bed, keep your leg out straight in front of you. Pretend you have an egg or a small ball under the back of your knee and keep pushing the knee down HARD towards the floor/bed as if you were trying to crush the egg or ball. Hold each push for the count of five. Do as many reps as you can.

Do both exercises on both legs, not just the affected knee. Otherwise you will have lopsided muscles!

I did both of the exercises for several weeks after my last two knee injuries and my knees are ok atm. I still do them after particularly tough long runs when my knees are feeling a bit tender. I also did as much gym work on the leg weight machines as I could manage.

Oh, and until your knee feels stronger, WALK down the hills. You can walk fast, but no pounding them until you've strengthened them up a bit!

Good luck,



Thanks very much for all your help Pat, Soozz and Carole. Shall be going to the pound shop and doing the exercises! Be wonderful if ti works!


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