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First run after graduation - I feel the need for speed

Did the speed podcast which was a nice change from the long slogs of weeks 8 and 9. Although I think I went a bit too fast on the first 5 minutes as I only managed three of the fast intervals before I needed to stop and walk for a few minutes but then managed the next two okay and did an additional fast interval at the end to make up. Also swallowed my first fly, yuck!

Have set a new goal of 5k in 30 minutes, first 5k on Sunday was about 40 minutes. I think I am going to try doing 2 speed sessions and a 5k each week, but any suggestions gratefully received.

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It's weird not having your running week mapped out for you by C25K, isn't it? I still haven't run the big 5k so that's my goal, along with the dreaded hills (but my route for starting hills is where all the schools are so that will have to wait till the weekend).

Well done for your run. It's good to hear that the speed podcast is doable - I am a bit apprehensive of dong the 5K+ ones cos they sound quite hard! Maybe I'll just keep chasing the 5k and running for 30mins + for the time being. Happy running!


I really enjoyed the speed pod-cast but someone at work today aid 'I can see you were running last night' as I was hobbling around the office again! Hoping the knees will start to settle down soon. Not sure whether to try and do 5k again at the weekend or just go as far as I can in 30 minutes. Also thinking about doing a parkrun but want to do a few more 5ks first so I know it wasn't a fluke!


I did the speed one yesterday. Found the hardest bit was the slow parts, the bpm is roughly the speed I walk at so I was trying to kind of walk and jump up and down at the same time. Must have looked totally ridiculous! I felt like the bionic woman in slo-mo. And it was only 16 minutes or so and so ended up nowhere near where I needed to be so kept running anyway. All in all not a success. I will try the stamina one next, no idea what to expect again but I think it's longer so hopefully I'll end up somewhere near home. I haven't done 5k in 30 minutes either so that is my goal at the moment. just keeping up the running tho, that is what keeps me going. :)


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