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Man alive, it is COLD

I don't know what has happened in the past few days but the temperature has plummeted! From an almost balmy weekend to 4 degrees this morning!

I wasn't prepared for such a drop in temperature, and hadn't purchased my cold weather gear yet (trip to Decathlon tomorrow methinks) so for tonight's W6R3 run, I washed my bright orange t-shirt and wore it over a long sleeved base layer I used for skiing. It worked quite well. Still had the cropped trousers but my legs don't really get cold.

I shot off at a very fast pace - perhaps a combination of my Sunday success and itching to get out all day, so by about 4 minutes in, I really had to slow down and get my breathing under control. If the 25 minute run was split up into thirds, the first third was grand apart from going out too fast, the middle bit was quite tough (but moreso mentally) and the end was good. I felt I had hit my stride and I had the confidence to know I was going to make 25 minutes.

My calves were absolutely aching after W5R3 and they were sore tonight, but not as bad. I told myself to run until I needed to stop, but once Laura told me I was done, my legs just stoppped of their own accord. I felt so happy though - 25 whole, actual minutes without stopping!

After the 5 minute warm down, I was starting to get quite cold, so did more spurts of jogging, walking and running to get me home quicker.

I really love running at night too. Especially in urban areas with loads of side streets - car headlights or lack thereof has helped me to see if it is safe to cross the roads.

Week 7 on Thursday. I might experiment with my own playlist but it'll feel like I'm cheating on Laura!

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Well done on completing week 6. The longer runs are hard work, but fun too - well, fun in a 'makes you very satisfied when you've finished' sort of way.

I agree with you, it has suddenly got much colder. I bought one long-sleeved running shirt last week and needed it today for the first time. This morning I went out with short-sleeved shirt and shorts, but quickly went back inside and changed into capri pants and the long-sleeved shirt.

I had said to a friend a few weeks ago that I think I'd manage in shorts and short sleeves down to 10°C then go to capris and long sleeves. I was right about that. This morning it was about 7°C and I was comfortable with the one layer,


It wasn't too cold last night but while waiting for a lift this morning I realised that we have now had our summer and it was COLD. My thermals are waiting to come out for the winter runs, which sadly won't be long ;(


Think I'd better start looking for winter running gear, specially as my gym membership is about to expire and I'm not renewing it so no treadmill access. What worries me even more than the cold is ICE, which we usually have in abundance here in the frozen North!


I am not looking forward to the "putting warm clothes on, taking them off when warm, putting on again when walking, taking off again when warm" business but I guess it is part and parcel of looking after ourselves when running in colder weather.

It's a pity we don't all have someone akin to a golf caddy, who would run along beside us, select what we need to wear and when we need to change it so we wouldn't have to tie items round waists etc!

I'm not sure about endorsing companies here and don't want to sound like a sales person, but I found decathlon excellent for running gear. Their range of items and sizes as well as price kept it affordable for me to keep up this running malarky. I also got some nice high vis running tops in colours other than pink! I hate that women have to resort to the pink/black combo of running gear!

Anyway, rant over; I hope you all enjoy your runs and get well kitted out for the changing weather. Winter, here we come!


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