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When running I sometimes get a pain in the center of my chest

Sometimes when I go for a jog I get a pain in the center of my chest. I'm quite an active person who cycles, plays drums and exercises regularly, but only when I run I get a chest pain?...sometimes as soon as I start.

I'm a guy who is in good shape, and the last time I visited my doctor he said I have a healthy heart and chest.

If anyone could give any advice on this it would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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oooh sounds dodgy - i would get that checked again. My sister suffers with costochondritis (inflammation of the cartilage around the ribcage), so it may be something similar to that, that becomes aggravated when running. Either way its not normal so keep pestering your GP. Good luck!


I would totally agree with Jcjackson, it does not sound good even if you have been checked after all we see many footballers for example now that have heart attacks etc and they are at peak fitness not trying to scare you here but maybe best to go to the doctors and explain in more detail just to be on the safe side:)


Definitely get it re-checked. Could it be gastric - reflux or something? You could try changing the timing of your meals etc.

Hpoe you get it sorted soon!


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