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Pain when running

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Hello, I'm just doing week 2 and on the last two runs I am experiencing excruciating pain on the outside of my Shins and over the top of my ankles. I have never run before in my life so not sure if there is any advice or suggestions to prevent this or if there are any supports I can buy. I'm not sure if it's just due to my weight as I am 25 stone.

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Be careful not to do too much too soon. Might be worth a trip to the doctor’s?

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Hi Darren, I’m just short of 20 stone and am just about to start week 9.

I too suffered the same incredibly painful shin splints in weeks one and two.

I was shown a stretch that really works for me. I do this before and after my runs and it doesn’t cure it completely but keeps it mostly at bay.

I stand with feet shoulder width apart and arms outstretched at shoulder width against a wall.

Then stand with one foot on the toes of the other foot and try and lift the toes up (which of course you can’t because your weight is on top of it).

I hold for three seconds.

Then repeat 6 times on each foot.

I hope I am explaining it ok.

Don’t know if it helps, but it helps me a lot!

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Carrying extra weight does not help. If you consider that each stride you are putting as much as 2.5 times your body weight through your legs. I can't imagine running with even an extra stone in a rucksack on my back, so you have my respect.

Try to minimise impact. You need good running shoes, preferably fitted after a gait analysis.

Land as lightly as possible. Do not over stride, your footfall should be under your body, not in front.

Slowing down may help.

You are still at an early stage Darren, so you will have to suffer some pain, but if it is excruciating, as you say, there is something wrong. Never continue to run in that situation. Consult a GP or physio.

It might be that you need to build some basic musculature by walking for a few weeks before moving onto C25k.

I hope you get it sorted.

Thank you all for your feedback I will give everything you have mentioned a try I will also go and get myself a new pair of running shoes tomorrow as I'm using what I use in the gym . I finished week 2 today but I think it's best if I repeat it again this week until I get this slight setback/ issue under control . Even though I do weigh 25 stone I am pretty active (,swim 3 days a week also totaling 100 18m lengths ) so don't feel I'm pushing myself too hard tbh it's just I've never felt such a pain when running it has to be down to weight as it does go a few mins after I stop thanks again Darren

have a look at this - it comes up first if you google shin splints. I've heard of the exercise outlined above as well. Definitely need some decent shoes. Good luck.

Small update just to say Ty again for advice I bought new shoes and wore full socks instead of ankle socks and I'm not going to lie it made 1 hell of a difference on the first run afterwords completed week 3 yesterday so starting week 4 tomorrow and I can honestly say I can't wait thanks again Darren

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