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Couch to 5K
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Hey, I just started the C25K today and i'm not sure if i should to the running part just yet..?

I managed to get to the second run but i had to stop (around the 13 min mark), because of chest pains.

I've only ever had chest pains due to stress, and when i begun the podcast this morning, i thought my knees and ankles would give me trouble (they've always held me back when i was in school, so i was a bit worried when i started) but they were perfectly fine.

The chest pain i was experiencing was maybe twice as painful than it usually is, and i was starting to feel dizzy and lightheaded, so i stopped.

I can do the walking part just fine, but when it comes to running, the chest pains and the fact that my cup size is 36D, so they're not exactly perfect to jog/run with.

I've never been a fit person in my life, and i struggled in school with P.E...

In terms of work, i'm self employed, i'm a digital artist and most of my time is spent sitting down, so i knew that today wouldn't be easy, but i wasn't expecting my chest to be THAT painful.

Should i just leave out the jogging/running until i feel completely ready to do it or should i just cut the running time and walk more?

I'm not sure what to do, i really want to lose weight and get fitter, but if my chest is going to affect me during this, i'm not sure if i should keep going with it...

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I would slow down your running as much as possible. Also, get a decent sports bra. Some folk swear by wearing two ordinary bras at the same time. Might be worth trying that before you spend money.


The only thing is, when i was running it was a very light jog, i was almost at a walking pace.

Though next time, i think i'll cut the running time in half, and walk more. Then maybe, i'll slowly build up on the running time during the week.


I would suggest you go and talk to your doctor asap. Chest pain and dizziness is not a good combination. Please do get checked out before trying again.

Once you know you are not doing yourself any harm then I hope you manage to keep going. WELL DONE for giving it a go and try not to give up. Your health will benefit massively shortly!

Good luck!


Maybe build up to it by doing some 30 minute walks and see how you get on. But I agree with those who suggest you see the doctor. Better safe than sorry.


Beek is right, get checked out, but don't give up. Keep attempting the same run, repeating it as many times as required until you can finish, then move on.

C25k can change your life and this forum is here to cheer you on. Good luck.


You should definitely have a chat to your GP about it. If it was as bad as you say, it's worth getting it checked out to be safe. I suppose we should ALL get checked BEFORE we start an exercise regime but most of us give it a go and are fine. C25K is very well worked out for gradually raising your fitness levels incrementally over 9 weeks and you shouldn't feel anything other than out of breath. Don't give up though. Just get checked. Sorted!


They do say consult your GP when embarking on new exercise.

I'd get it checked out, just to be safe.

I run very slowly, so try not to worry about pace. It's not long distance running.

You jog/run at a comfortable pace for you.

The plan is designed to build you up slowly. If it were easy anyone could do it.

Well done for starting, I know you were in pain.

Do keep us updated.


Definitely make that doctor's appointment NOW before you run again. Once you have the reassurance that your ticker and lungs are fine (and I'm sure they will be) you will run through the pain with more confidence. I got checked out a bit late in the day and discovered I had asthma but still got the go ahead to run-I just make sure I take my inhaler with me. It's just not worth the risk to carry on regardless when you have chest pains.


Well done for starting this programme. Did u get checked by ur gp first? Always a gd idea esp if u get chest pains!

Good luck


Running slowly is fine, it really is. Don't worry about speed at all. That's not the point of it. Just moving that body is what it's about. I hope you get back out there very soon.


When I started out I was having to skip alternate runs and wondered if I'd ever manage it, as I was getting so out of breath. I'm now onto week 7.


Definitely don't run again until you've seen your doctor. It's great that you want to start the program but stop until the GP says "Go ahead". And yes the sports bra is v necessary! Keep us posted.


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