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Anyone else run with Ulcerative Colitis?

I was diagnosed in 2009 and my condition has seemingly stabilised itself, so much so that I started to gain weight. In an effort to improve my overall fitness I've started C25K with the aim of joining a park run nearby. Just wondered if there is anyone else with the same condition and what experiences do you have running with an IBD? I'd also appreciate thoughts from people with Crohns and IBS (I have unspecified IBS symptoms too).

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Hi - I had UC and I'm now 15 years with an ileo anal pouch and I'm on week 7 of C25K.

I remember the NACC (National Assoc of Colitis and Crohns Sufferers - I think) used to produced a useful booklet about getting fit after having the pouch operation. (It was written by a runner). Even though you don't have a pouch that might be helpful. From memory the advice was take it easy and build your stamina up slowly and keep hydrated! In otherwords just what Laura says!.

Good luck and go gently. :)


Hi. I've got UC. Diagnosed two years ago. I'll not pretend I was a fitness fanatic before, but I could go out for a 40 min run without batting an eyelid. I lost all my fitness, struggling just to make it through a working day. Last year I pulled out of the flare and started C25K. I got to W7R1 then flared again and had to give up. By this time my long term relationship had broken down and I'd been told my med condition meant my career couldn't go any further. This is starting to sound like a sob story!!! Anyway...I'm now doing much better. I've made it to W8! Still too scared to do exercise with other people, just in case. So the programme has been ace. So hope I can stay healthy and keep going! Really need to loose weight now I've got 'remission plumpness'!!!


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