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First 5k Race - Done it!!!!

Some one up there definitely wasn't listening to my prayers as I begged for cool drizzly weather NOT 25C and sunny!! The heat really got to me and although I vowed I wouldn't walk at all there was a stretch of road that was just airless - hot and no breeze or shade whatsoever. I walked twice in the end very briefly just to get enough breath to carry on. My target was 35 - 40 mins and I finished in 38.02 (chip & pin timing) so got there despite the weather. Was surprised when I looked at the results to find I was the only female over 60 competing! I started off running to 5k+ Stepping Stones podcast so Laura could keep a check on me but somehow I lost her when trying to increase the volume - senior moment - so carried on alone (apart from the other couple of hundred runners!) Here's to the next one!

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I can't begin to think how hard that must have been for you running in that heat, well done you.

I like to think we more mature runners can still show we can do it and your proof of that. :)


WELL DONE! You inspire me to keep putting one foot in front of the other!


Fantastic! What a great time in the heat, you must be really proud :D


Phew that's a great achievement in that heat! Good for you!


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