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Mind over whatsit

I'm finally getting into this. Tonight I am on week 3 run 3.

I did notice on Saturday's run that I zoned out for a bit during the last 3 minute run and time flew by, until Laura "woke me up" to tell me I had a minute left and that minute lasted forever! I need to take some pondering topics with me tonight see if I can stop myself watching the seconds tick by on the treadmill.

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You are so right. At least half the challenge on c25k is the mental demons. When you've completed the previous runs, your body is ready but sometimes it can be hard to convince your brain! Keep up the great work. :)


Its easier to ignore the difficulty when you have to concentrate on where you're running.

The treadmill makes it even harder to distract yourself from the effort you are putting in.

It feels like less work when your dodging tree roots and nettles.


Entirely agree with pondering topics, similar to the technique I discovered today. I'm seriously considering using the time to learn something new, memorise all of the European capitals or whatever. Spend a little time learning say 10 or 15 and then mentally testing yourself as you run.


I find I run better also when I try to distract myself. If I concentrate on my breathing, landing correctly on my feet and the position of my arms, those minutes seem like hours! I am trying to just go and relax and try to get myself in a better place. GREAT JOB ON FINISHING WEEK 3!!!!


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