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Out of plaster

Plaster came off on Thursday that was a very long hope never to be repeated 7 weeks.

After the first euphoric few hours I thought well not much has changed except I can now get in the shower without wrapping the whole thing in large plastic bag thing (limbo).

My muscles are very week and my calf looks like a bingo wing yuck.

Today the end of the 3rd day and had a lovely day out and walked a bit with crutches stretching and moving it as much as I can and this evening I managed with 1 crutch. I realise that the bone is healed but I just thought it could rebreak. So I am pleased with that progress.

Have used the stationary bike which will strengthen muscles even more.

I need physio to really get the ankle moving but feel better about recovery now even thoug it isnt going to happen overnight.

Thanks everyone for kleeping me going hopefully I may start using Laura soon to walk slow then a bit faster

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Brilliant news, I'm sure with your determination you'll soon be doing much more than walking. Check with your physio and enjoy your progress. Having graduated once it's likely your progress will be faster than if you were in this situation without that extra strength and fitness.

Keep updating us. X


Hi Glendam52. I'm knew (week 2) so just came in on this. Poor you fracturing your leg. Just take it easy back into Laura mode. Do the physio first-and be patient! That bit comes hard, but is worth it in the long run. Your fitness will help no end, and although your calf muscles look like bingo wing now over the next few weeks they will begin to perk up.

Good luck


Fantastic news glendam52! What a relief for you! It must have been so hard, the strength and flexibility podcasts are very good and may help strengthen your leg muscles further. Take it easy and keep posting your progress.


Hi Glenda great news, take it easy and i know you will be back running in no time!!


great news glenda - you'll be back there running sooner than you think, and great hope for me too, my plaster comes off october 5th, so maybe we'll be running together, xox delia


I am so sorry for anyone in plaster atm it isnt an exciteing time. I have been out of mine a week now and can now walk with one crutch and have waddled a bit with none. It will be quite a while until I can walk any distance a running may be next year. That all may sound depressing but the thing is I can now work on it and do the strengthening excercises I have been given and that makes you feel more positive. While you are in plaster waiting for it to heal you are in limbo,dont do more than you have been told as it will not heal properly and you end up longer in plaster. I am older (60) and also took calcium tablets as I dont get much in my diet. A fellow patient who broke her ankle same day more or less same injury was walking about with no crutches during the 6 weeks it didnt heal and she ended up in a boot and told to use crutches when he left clinic.

You will be able to keep your leg muscles strong with the bike and that is half the battle.

But you are allowed to feel sorry for yourself as I know how frustrating the whole thing is but you will get there.

On a separate note did you order a limbo plaster cover for shower or bath it is completely waterproof and made showering so much easier. I dont suppose links are allowed on here but just type in limbo and I am sure you will find it.

Best of luck keep posting.


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