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Bit wild out there today πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

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Gosh, that run was a bit wild and breezy today!! I thought at one point I was going to end up in the lake that I was running round!!!

Later run than usual as it was too dark at 6:30am for me to be able to see where I was running. Hurry up postman with my head torch so I can run in the morning!!

Set off in the afternoon and the run felt very different. Much more effort, physically and mentally, required on my part to keep my legs moving. It does seem that I am an early morning runner. Hats off to people who can find the energy to run in the evening!!

Anyway WK8R2 is under my belt but was the hardest run I've had for a while and I had to pull out all the stops and give myself a good talking to about how I know I can run, so I will run!! Got some strange looks from people thinking that I'd lost the plot 😜

Onwards and upwards to WK8R3 πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

24 Replies
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Very well done you! A wild run and a great photograph!

Well done you! x

Kimchoc08Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Was a toughie today but I got there in the end!!

You're photos look fabulous Kimchoc08 and you can see how windy it was. Well done for finishing after giving yourself a good talking too. It was probably hard because of the wind as well as being out of your routine. I hope your torch arrives soon.

Kimchoc08Graduate in reply to Razouski

Thanks you. Fingers crossed that the postie brings my torch tomorrow !!


Looks fantastic! Well done! I’m very envious of people who can respect n in the mornings; I much prefer it but I leave for work at 6.30 so can’t seem to find a way to fit it in.

The pics look gorgeous. What a fab route!

Kimchoc08Graduate in reply to Gabby08

Thank you 😊 It is a lovely picturesque route πŸ€—


Well done. Looks like a lovely track you run on - nice pics. Hope your torch arrives soon.

Kimchoc08Graduate in reply to Tasrunner

Thank you and so do I!! Running early sets me up for the day but its too dark now without a torch!!


Well done get some rest before your next run

Kimchoc08Graduate in reply to Geord68

Thanks. Planning on taking 2 days of rest this time!!

Glorious pics glorious run and glorious commitment

Kimchoc08Graduate in reply to Jancanrun

Thank you. I felt glorious at the end despite it being a hard run 😊


Gorgeous run, lucky you! Was very cold out at 6.30 this morning, something I wasn't expecting or dressed for but it was still light for me, different parts of the country I suppose. I don't know what I will do when it is too dark... pound the streets instead of the rec. I suppose. Let us know how you get on with your head torch, might have to make a purchase too!

Kimchoc08Graduate in reply to Fishypieface

Thanks and I'll let you know how the head torch works out!!


Yay well done!! Doing great!!

Kimchoc08Graduate in reply to Polly2810

Thank you 😊


Great Run, lovely place for you to run around - be careful in the higher winds though in he dark when you get your torch - lots of dead wood being blown out of trees on my routes at the moment and in the dark, means a bit treacherous under foot - but otherwise the benefits well worth it. Oddly for a man who never used to like early mornings - I love running first thing.

Kimchoc08Graduate in reply to RunForestR

Thanks for the advice. I shall look out for the falling branches!! 😊

Zoom in and you can see the podium

Kimchoc08Graduate in reply to GingerBohemian

Almost there.....

GingerBohemianGraduate in reply to Kimchoc08

Keep joffling


Well done Kim, that's 4 left for you now! Keep going, you can do this easily!

Kimchoc08Graduate in reply to LeeU

Thank you Lee 😊


What lovely photos! Hope your daughter is settling in at uni, my son's back at Southampton & started his lectures on Monday, still seems very quiet without him but we're getting used to it again :)

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